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Are you tired of snoring at night and waking up without energy?
Will you feel helpless for being awakened by the snoring of your partner?
Have you been trying to find a good way to let your partner and you sleep well?

Why are you snoring?
While sleeping, the muscles in your neck relax and narrow the upper airway to cause the throat to vibrate to produce a snoring sound. Snoring will inhale less oxygen during sleep than normal people. Long-term snoring make chin shrink to becomes ugly, causing tooth occlusion problems.

How can our anti snore devices chin strap for cpap users help you solve those problems?
●Our anti snore chin strap for men change the habit of breathing with your mouth to eliminate the snoring.
●Our cpap chinstrap can prevent and improve the dry mouth caused by mouth leaks during sleep, and gradually develop a better habit of breathing with the nose.
●Physical face-lifting, pressure balanced to prevent snoring.
●Prevent the chin from being dislocated.
●This snore strips snore silencer Maintain increased effectiveness of CPAP machine treatment.

How to use our chin strap for snoring?
1.Simply place the wide part of the anti snoring chin strap beneath your chin.
2.Place your ears in the incision of the strap.
3.Fasten the double-belt velcro to tighten the strap to your liking size.

Package included:
1 Grey Cpap chin strap for snoring anti snoring devices
1 Pair of anti-noise earplugs

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