Heel Wedge Post Op Shoe
FEATURES Reduces Pressure On The HeelDesigned to shift the impact of each step on to the toes and midfoot, the Vive offloading heel wedge reduces pressure on the heel and back of the foot to relieve pain and promote healing....
Offloading Post Op Shoe
FEATURES Reduces Painful Pressure On The ToesDesigned to minimize pressure on the toes and forefoot by shifting the weight to the heel, the Vive offloading post op shoe is ideal for protecting broken toes or diabetic foot ulcers. Keeping bandages...
Legs compression full pump system
- INCLUDES A FULL PREMIUM SYSTEM: VIVE LEG COMPRESSION PUMP & 2 LEG SLEEVES WITH CONNECTORS - COMPATIBLE WITH REPLACEMENT SLEEVES RHB2032 FEATURES CUSTOM THERAPY SESSIONSAdjust the time, mode, chambers active, and pressure setting of each session for a fully customizable experience....
from $599.00
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