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UPbed Standard Sleep To Stand Adjustable bed

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The Upbed Standard from Journey Health & Lifestyle features a motorized frame that assists you with getting in and out of bed. The Upbed can take you from laying flat to a nearly standing position with the press of a button, very similar to how a lift chair operates. You are also able to adjust the head and leg portions of the bed, allowing you to find the most comfortable position. Imagine your bed doing almost all the work of climbing out and standing up for you! The same process in reverse lets it lower you back down to the position of your choice.

Innovative and Versatile

What sets the UPbed Standard apart from other beds is its versatility. It functions as a sit-up bed, a chair bed, a lift bed, and a traditional sleep bed—all in one comfortable package. The 6-inch memory foam mattress provides unparalleled support, conforming to your body and maintaining its shape for years to come. The sturdy metal aircraft-grade frame, coupled with independently controlled motors, allows for silent adjustments, raising and lowering the bed at the touch of a button. The UPbed Standard ships complete with the mattress, bedrails, and motorized frame, providing a worry-free solution for a great night's sleep.

Engineered for Comfort

Safety and independence are at the core of the UPbed Standard's design. With the ability to gently raise you to a near-standing position and lower you back down effortlessly, this bed promotes peace of mind and a relaxed feeling. The innovative design mimics the functions of hospital beds while prioritizing sleep quality and aesthetics. The UPbed Standard ensures that you not only experience the physical benefits but also maintain your freedom and independence. Elevate your sleep experience with the UPbed Standard—comfort, safety, and convenience in one exceptional package.

Upbed Standard Features:
•Lifts gently for easy standing
•6-inch memory foam mattress
•Sturdy aircraft-grade metal frame construction
•Independent head and leg control
•Silent motorized adjustments
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